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Mornings At McFarlanes

Live Broadcast from McFarlanes’ in Sauk City

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Rauel is joined this week by Lindsey Giese the Executive Director of River Arts Inc. They discuss a bit about her background, but really highlight the great programs, exhibits, and events coming soon to River Art Inc. Visit for more detail and info.

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Century of Change

Hosted Weekly by Rauel LaBreche

Rauel LaBreche Mid

Rauel works full time as the Information Services Director at McFarlane Mfg. Company Inc.  Rauel also has a long history of working in the Arts.   He has an M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Stage Direction and has directed plays at University, High School and Community Theatre levels.   He feels blessed by all the connections that he has made over the years and is using that network to bring a variety of guests to the show from week to week.

He and his wife Ann have lived in Prairie du Sac for over 25 years and are proud to call it home.  They raised two wonderful kids there (Elisabeth & Josiah) as well as their “Three Musketeer Beagles” Porthos, Aramis, and Athos, so they know from personal experience that it’s a GREAT place to raise a family.

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Past Episodes:


It’s Bald Eagle Watching Days this weekend in Sauk Prairie. This week Rauel is joined by Gene Unger and Barb Barzen from the Ferry Bluff Eagle Council the organization behind the event. Listen to learn all about everything taking place Friday and Saturday and check out their website


Rauel rings in the New Year with Karen DeSanto, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of West Central Wisconsin. They discuss the Club and all the fun and exciting events they have coming up!


Zachary Dahl joined Rauel LaBreche this week. We learn a little bit about Zach and the work he does with the Sauk Prairie Young Connection Network. For more details on the group CLICK HERE.


Carol Gagnon returns to Mornings at McFarlanes. She is the manager of the Sauk Prairie Food Pantry. Rauel and Carol talk about the food pantry, ways you can support it and all the upcoming events. For more details check out


Mornings at McFarlanes returns after the “Century of Change” special editions. Click the link below for the “Century of Change” page.

Paul Wolter is back with Rauel to preview the Edwardian Christmas 2017 events taking place at the Van Orden Mansion in Baraboo. The Wine and Appetizer Premier is Friday night starting at 7pm followed by the Jingle Bell open house at noon on Saturday. Rauel and Paul discuss the theme for this year’s event and give you a taste of what you can expect at each event. For all the details check out


This week Rauel is joined by Ellen Paul and Jeffery Boll to discuss the Sauk Prairie Theatre Guild’s upcoming production of “A Christmas Carol”. They chat about what you can expect to see, the behind the scenes effort to put the show on and so much more. For further details and tickets check out: Sauk Prairie Theatre Guild


Director of the Baraboo Boys and Girls Club, Kyle Crosby, joins to talk about what’s new at the club. They also discuss the upcoming events for Boys and Girls club as well as around the Sauk County area.


Rauel is joined by Jeff Wright the assistant Superintendent for the Sauk Prairie School District. The two briefly discuss the district but focus mostly on exciting developments with the Great Sauk Trail.


Author Jeffrey Ryan returns to Mornings at McFarlanes’ to talk about his latest book and preview his appearance coming up at the Baraboo Public Library on October 16th. Check out all of Jeffrey’s adventures at his website.


Rauel was joined by Jackie Bascom the Co-Chair of Sauk Prairie Against Hunger. The two of them discussed what Sauk Prairie Against Hunger is, how it started and the upcoming food packing event on Oct. 26th-Oct 28th. Check out this page for more details and ways you can help the cause! Sauk Prairie Against Hunger Pack Event


MaCall Tourdot, Director of Tourism and Promotions for the Sauk Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce, returns to the show to discuss the upcoming events for the Fall.


Rauel is joined once again by Cathy Lins of Durward’s Glenn. The two of them discuss the events coming up, specifically the Fall Festival on October 14th. For all the details check out:


This week Rauel was joined by Brad Anderson, one of the Sales Associates at McFarlanes’. The two of them discuss all things Ag. They also cover the local Sauk Prairie High School FFA organization and highlight some of the events and programs the students have coming up.


We welcome Bill Harris of People Helping People back to Mornings at McFarlanes’. Bill and Rauel discuss all the great work that PHP is doing for the Sauk County area. They also preview the upcoming events for the organization and the 2017 Golf Outing. CLICK HERE for more details.


This Week we welcome Marietta Reuter to talk about the 43rd annual Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw and Festival! Learn all about the schedule, the lineup of entertainment and how they cow chips are prepared for the event. For more details on this event, check out their website

Part 1

Part 2


This week Rauel welcomes back Mornings at McFarlanes’ veteran, Lindsey Giese, Executive Director of River Arts Inc. The two of them discuss all the exciting events coming up to the River Arts Center. They also explore the River Arts on Water Gallery and also touch on the recently completed “Circle” project outside the River Art Center.

Part 1

Part 2


Ruth Culver Community Library President Helen Campbell joins our show this week. Rauel and Helen discuss the library as well as the Friends of the Library’s 9th annual Dinner and Golf outing coming up on Wednesday, September 6th. Rauel is then joined by McFarlanes’ Retail Associate, Tom Ziegler, to talk about a couple of other great events coming up soon.

Part 1

Part 2


This week Rauel is joined Meagan Statz, Assistant Director of the Ruth Culver Community Library. The two of them discuss how the library has evolved over recent years and how libraries as a whole have changed. Meagan also goes through some of the great programming they have coming up in the near future at the Ruth Culver Library.

Part 1

Part 2


This week Rauel is joined by two members of the August Derleth Society. Mitch Maier the president of the organization as well as executive secretary Julie Roelke. The three of them discuss the society, how it got started and some events they have coming up. Check out their website:

Part 1

Part 2


This week we welcome author, speaker and photographer Jeffrey Ryan. Rauel and Jeff discuss his 28 year adventure of hiking the Appalachian Trail and some of his many other adventures as well. They also dive into Jeff’s book, Appalachian Odyssey, with details of some of his favorite stories from it. For more on Jeffery Ryan check out his website:


Part 1

Part 2


This week McFarlanes is hosting an event for their sales reps, venders and customers to celebrate their 100th anniversary. Rauel is joined by a host of guests to talk about the state of agriculture and technology around the Midwest.

Part 1

Part 2


This week Rauel is joined by Sauk Prairie School District assistant superintendent and president of the Friends of the Great Sauk Trail Jeff Wright. Jeff will discuss the extension of the Great Sauk Trail all the way to Devils Lake State park. Learn what his organization is doing to help raise the funds and how you can help.

Part 1

Part 2


Rauel is joined by Jack Accola to discuss the upcoming Jimmy Fortune concerts at the River Arts Center. Once again Jack has organized this benefit to raise money for the World Craniofacial Foundation.

Part 1

Part 2


Jeff Boll and Camilla Jackson from Sauk County Relay for Life join to discuss this year’s event on August 7th. Learn how the two of them got involved with Relay for Life and all the details on how you can help support this amazing cause. For more info check out the events website:     

Part 1

Part 2


MaCall Tourdot, Director of Tourism and Promotions for the Sauk Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce,  returns to the show to discuss the upcoming, fun filled Summer. Learn about all the living going on in Sauk Prairie and the surrounding areas.    

Part 1

Part 2


This week it’s the return of Cathy Lins, Exceutive Director of Durward’s Glen Retreat and Conference Center. Learn about the 104th Corpus Christi Celebration at Durward’s Glen. Cathy and Rauel also discuss the other great events they will be hosting for the 2017 season.   

Part 1

Part 2

6-8-17 -Special Edition

Verlyn Mueller joins for this special edition of the show to talk about the newly re-opened Museum of Badger Army Ammunition. Verlyn serves as the curator and archivist for the museum and goes into great detail on what was the Largest Ammunition Plant in the World in 1942.    

Part 1

Part 2


John Ramthun from 6:8 of Prairie du Sac returns to the show! John discusses the organization, plus all the great mission work and community service they have provided in their 7 years of existence. Rauel and John also go into detail on the Sauk Prairie Fire on River event coming up at the end of June. Visit for all the details on 6:8.

Part 1

Part 2


Kyle Crosby of the Boys and Girls Club of West-Central Wisconsin is back! Kyle and Rauel discuss what’s new at the club, ways you can get involved and even talk about the brand new club coming soon to Reedsburg!   

Part 1

Part 2


Lindsey Giese, Executive Director of River Arts Inc., is back to discuss the fantastic 2017-18 season ahead for the organization.

Part 1

Part 2


Anna Hawley, Public Program Coordinator of the Aldo Leopold Foundation, joined the show to discuss the Foundation and some of the great programming coming soon. This includes the annual Family Day and Open House coming up on Saturday, May 20th from Noon to 4pm. CLICK HERE to check out all the details.

5-18-17 – Special Edition

For this Special Thursday edition of the show we were joined by Rachel Tatge, Director of Marketing & Events Producer for Madison Magazine. Rachel and Rauel discuss the 2017 Madison Magazine BBQ Festival taking place at Meyer Oak Grove Park this weekend.


This week we are joined on the show by Sauk Prairie Police Chief Jerry Strunz. Jerry talks about how he got his start in law enforcement and gives updates on the local Sauk Prairie force. He and Rauel also discuss some of the events coming up during National Police Week starting on Monday, May 15th.

Part 1


This week we talk about the wonderful Durward’s Glen Retreat and Conference Center with Exceutive Director, Cathy Lins. Learn about the site as well as some of the great events they’re hosting in the coming weeks and the 2017 season.

Part 1


This week we go square dancing with longtime caller Dale Ryan. Rauel is joined by Dale and Jody Kapp, volunteer at the Tripp Heritage Museum, to discuss their “Old-Fashioned Square Dance” event coming up on Saturday. Hear all the details, learn how Dale got into calling and even listen to him give a sneak peak of what you’ll hear at the event. CLICK HERE for the full event details.

Part 1


Katie James of the Baraboo Theatre Guild joins Rauel to discuss their upcoming show “All Hands On Deck.” The shows begin April 28th at the Baraboo Arts Center at 323 Water Street in Baraboo. Learn all about Katie, the show, the music and so much more. For more info check out

Part 1


On this episode, Rauel is joined by Fritz Wyttenbach, Stan Theis and Brian Zeigler. The four of them discuss the Badger Honor Flight program. They give a brief history of how it started plus discuss the huge support it has gained in the Sauk County area. For more information or to sign up visit

Part 1


Dave Pronold, Account Executive from News Publishing Company, joins Rauel to discuss his background and time in the community. They also dive into some of the history of Newspaper, where it is now and how it is continually evolving.

Part 1


Tim Homar, President of the Sauk Prairie Chamber of Commerce, joins Rauel for the first time. Tim discussed his background and experience within the community. He goes on to talk about some of the benefits of the Chamber and their vision for the future.

Part 1


Lindsey Giese Juarez, Executive Director of River Arts Inc., joined Rauel to discuss the organization and the many events they have coming up.

Part 1


John Bachhuber, General Manager of McFarlane’s, joined the show to discuss services and events going on around the store to celebrate Customer Appreciation Days and beyond. In Part 2, Rauel welcomes Louann Rinkin of the Sauk Prairie Theatre Guild to talk about an upcoming series of plays being performed this weekend in Sauk City.

Part 1


Bill Leavers, Sales Manger of Ag Sales for McFarlane’s, joined Rauel to discuss some tips for this time of year as well as some of the products the store carries. They also preview the Customer Appreciation Days which starts on March 10th!

Part 1


Buddy Huffaker, Executive Director of the Aldo Leopold Foundation, joined the show to discuss the group, their mission and preview all the wonderful events they have coming up.

Part 1


Rauel was joined by Rick Peters, Store Manager of McFarlanes, to discuss the store’s upcoming Customer Appreciation Days, March 10th-19th.


Amy Jorgenson and Mitch Breunig from Sauk Prairie Sports Boosters joined to talk about the group and its support of all the School District’s athletic programs and to give a big shout out for this Friday’s ROCK THE GYM event.

Part 1


Ben Bromley was on the show talking about his CABin fever fundraising event this weekend. He also discussed his work as a local playwright and the stories he’s interested in telling through his writing.

Part 1


Cliff Thompson joined the show to give an update on initiatives in the Sauk Prairie School district as well as challenges faced by our Public School systems and the steps we’re taking locally to meet those challenges.

Part 1


Bill Harris, President of the People Helping People, joins to talk about PHP, their programming and events as well as the history of the organization. Really a celebration of what one person can do to help change the world.

Part 1


Rauel was joined by Dick McFarlane of McFarlanes’. They touched on some of the vast history around the store. History that will be celebrated all year long as they honor their 100 year Anniversary in 2017.

Part 1

1-10-17 – Special Edition

Rauel is joined by members of the Ferry Bluff Eagle Council to discuss Bald Eagle Watching Days this weekend. It’s the 30th Anniversary and they talk about the origin of the event and all the happenings this weekend.

Part 1


Kyle Crosby returned to help us kick off the new year as he gave us an update everything going on at the Boys and Girls Club of West-Central Wisconsin. Kyle also talks about their exciting Gala event coming up on January 13th. For more info or to order tickets please visit the event website here.